Great British Diversity Experiment

The Experiment was a cross-industry initiative launched in an attempt to tackle the current lack of diverse talent in advertising and hopefully make a step towards a racially, ethically and culturally diverse workforce.

We worked on a live brief with Tesco’s and their agency BBH to come up with an idea to combat food waste.

Our idea was to create a national movement to try and make freezing cool again. 98% of homes have a freezer, and so our idea could be instantly and easily adopted by almost every one of Tesco’s customers.

The best ideas are often the most simple, so we decided to create a 30second film to sum up ‘Everybody Freeze’

The main entry for the competition was a pitch deck outlining the idea – a national campaign which could be implemented in store, at home, online and in the world – from bespoke freezer hacks created using clubcard data, to ‘Frozen to clear’ aisles and experiential pop-up markets using frozen goods

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