Fairtrade / YCN Awards 2011

Animation, Design, Illustration

This is my competition entry for the 2011 YCN Student Awards.

The brief was to ‘create a film which would turn support of Fairtrade into passion for Fairtrade’. I decided to focus on the appalling maternal mortality rate in Mali and tell a story about how Fairtrade works towards changing peoples lives, explaining where the money goes and trying to educate people, instead of simply encouraging them to buy more Fairtade products. Therefore, hopefully, turning their support into a passion for Faritrade and all they do to help change the lives of thousands of people across the world.

The competition was judged by members of Fairtrade, and received a Commendation.

Fairtrade – YCN Awards 2011 from Katherine Murray-Clark on Vimeo.

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