As part of an expansion and rebranding exercise Biscuit Agency has become Tricycle London and welcomed on Paul Lewis as a new Director.
We’ve even moved to fancy new offices and I got to turn the new logo which I designed into a massive neon sign!
I designed the logo to be one fluid line with elements which reflected the pieces and workings of a child’s tricycle. The old Biscuit logo was slightly old fashioned and only existed as a flat image, making it impractical and occasionally unusable. I wanted to create something which was versatile and easy to use, combined with clear brand guidelines which could be used by anyone in the agency.
It was a really fun project to work on as I was given full creative freedom, I’d been at the agency for almost year and was made a part of the naming process and discussions leading up to the re-brand so I felt like I was in a unique position to develop something which really reflected exactly what we want to say about ourselves as an agency.