Hi, I’m Kat!

I’m currently doing a part-time MA in Digital Media Management with Hyper Island and am just about to start my dissertation (Industry Research Project) on how diversity drives innovation within the creative industry.

I go to as many industry talks and events as I can fit into a week, and am particularly interested in equality issues and the startup scene – I’m a member of Ada’s List, She Says, Creative Social and Startup Weekend. I love taking terrible photos at gigs, trying to convince my friends to come to swing dancing and yoga classes with me, and walking everywhere to avoid the tube.

I have six years experience as a Designer across digital, motion and print, with experience leading and facilitating multi-disciplinary teams working with clients such as Volvo, Faber & Faber, P&G and Kellogg’s.

I can lead the creative process through ideation to concept development and design, owning each stage with an attention to detail and a confidence which encourages collaboration and supports a groups development. A natural story teller, I understand how to communicate and engage with viewers through creative content and design in a world where digital is ubiquitous.

Most recently my work has been focused on creative strategy, human-centered design, and promoting diversity and equality in the creative industry. I have a drive to develop by skills and work within an organisation that believes in the importance of creating a strong team culture. Energy, humour, generosity and commitment underpin my approach. I am self aware, resourceful and curious, and seek opportunities to extend my creative life and learning.

Phone / +44 (0) 7762 945 047
Email / kmurrayclark@gmail.com

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